What's cooler and more solid than a vintage Hobart mixer? How about one you customize yourself. Design one with the perfect color and graphics for your kitchen. Then post it on Facebook. And if you really love it, I'll build it for you.



Music on the Menu

Take a plate of great food. Add in the right tunes. Now you’ve got a sweet experience.  read more



The Hobart T-Mix is coming, and it kneads pizzaaa!

Hobart’s 60-Qt Legacy Pizza Mixer is a BEAST. It weighs in at over 900 pounds, and it has an insatiable appetite for dough. A machine this big is just screamin’ for a Tyrannosaurus-style remix.  read more



Best Pizza in the World

In just a few days, a new champion of the melty, irresistible, cheese-topped art of pizza will be crowned.  read more